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ReadyCO graded legislators for votes taken on 15 education bills debated during the 2017 legislative session. Fifty legislators voted on enough bills or scored enough points to receive a grade. Legislators earned credit for supporting student and family-centered education policies like school choice and accountability to parents and taxpayers. Bills were weighted depending on their importance and extra points were added or subtracted for key actions taken by legislators.

All Legislators Final Grades

Legislator Grade
Owen Hill A+ (Honor Roll)
Patrick Neville A+ (Honor Roll)
Paul Lundeen A+ (Honor Roll)
Kevin Grantham A+ (Honor Roll)
Kim Ransom A+ (Honor Roll)
Lang Sias A+ (Honor Roll)
Kevin Lundberg A+ (Honor Roll)
Chris Holbert A+ (Honor Roll)
Kevin Priola A+ (Honor Roll)
James "Jim" Smallwood A
Randy Baumgardner A
Kent Lambert A
Bob Gardner A
John Cooke A
Tim Neville A
Beth Martinez Humenik A
Jack Tate A
Jerry Sonnenberg B
Ray Scott B
Vicki Marble B
Clarice Navarro B
Larry Crowder B
Justin Everett B
Angela Williams B
Tim Leonard B
Brittany Pettersen B
Dominick Moreno C
Alec Garnett C
Jeff Bridges C
Pete Lee C
Janet Buckner C
Barbara Hall McLachlan C
James Wilson C
Cheri Jahn C
Rhonda Fields D
Don Coram D
Kerry Donovan D
Rachel Zenzinger D
Lois Court F (Needs Remedial Education)
Tony Exum F (Needs Remedial Education)
Leroy Garcia F (Needs Remedial Education)
John Kefalas F (Needs Remedial Education)
Stephen Fenberg F (Needs Remedial Education)
Irene Aguilar F (Needs Remedial Education)
Lucía Guzmán F (Needs Remedial Education)
Daniel Kagan F (Needs Remedial Education)
Andy Kerr F (Needs Remedial Education)
Matt Jones F (Needs Remedial Education)
Nancy Todd F (Needs Remedial Education)
Michael Merrifield F (Needs Remedial Education)
Scored Bills ReadyCO Position Policy Principle
SB-39 Support Expanding School Choice
SB-61 Support Expanding School Choice
SB-67 Oppose Accountability to Parents and Taxpayers
SB-101 Oppose Accountability to Parents and Taxpayers
SB-107 Oppose Accountability to Parents and Taxpayers
SB-200 Support Rewarding Success
SB-272 Support Accountability to Parents and Taxpayers
SB-296* Support Expanding School Choice (before Senate floor amendments)
HB-1062 Oppose Accountability to Parents and Taxpayers
HB-1089 Support Expanding School Choice
HB-1117 Oppose Accountability to Parents and Taxpayers
HB-1181 Support Expanding School Choice
HB-1182 Oppose Expanding School Choice
HB-1340 Support Expanding School Choice & Accountability to Parents and Taxpayers
HB-1375 Support Expanding School Choice

*Score based on vote on Senate floor amendment to strip charter school funding