A lot of the debate around school choice has been centered on what type of school a parent chooses. Vouchers vs. traditional public schools have been abused on both sides of the debate and are both wrong.

It shouldn’t matter if a parent decides to put their child in a private school, a charter school, or a traditional public school. They should simply be given the most high quality options available and have as many barriers removed to make the best decision for their family.

That is why Ready Colorado is fully supporting Senator Hill and Representative Van Winkle’s SB 228: Improving School Choice in Traditional Schools.┬áSB 228 removes barriers to families that currently do not have access to different traditional public schools outside of their zoned school. The bill:

  1. Allows a district to provide transportation to a student to their school if that student lives outside of the district.
  2. Requires enrollment windows of at least 4 weeks and ensures the window does not close prior to February 15.
  3. Requires each student be allowed to apply to at least 5 schools within a district and have an application available both online and in person.
  4. Once a student has been attending a traditional school of choice, they are allowed to remain in that school through the highest-grade level served.

These are common sense ideas that are modernizing a law that hasn’t seen significant changes for nearly 30 years. These changes will help low-income students better access the traditional school of their choice. While 145,000 students in Colorado are currently attending a traditional school outside of their zoned school, low income students are not being equally served because of the challenges the bill helps address. This is a non partisan issue and we look forward to seeing it progress to the Governor’s desk this session.

By Craig Hulse, VP Ready Colorado