Ready Colorado’s education champions swept their races for Governor, State Senate, and State House of Representatives.  Colorado voters made it clear that they want conservative candidates who will expand school choice and hold schools accountable when they underperform.

At the top of the ticket, Ready Colorado’s choice for Governor, Walker Stapleton, won by a wide margin. Stapleton has made it clear he’ll fight to end the union blockade against school choice and stand up to the special interests that stand in the way of better schools.   This November, Colorado will have the chance to elect the strongest school choice champion since former Governor Bill Owens.

In state legislative races, education reform champions prevailed in primaries across the state, setting up the opportunity to push bold, student-centered education reforms in the next legislative session.

The clear loser in this year’s primary election was the teachers union, who went all-in on failed Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Cary Kennedy and her anti-education reform message.

We congratulate this top-tier group of conservative education reform champions on their successful campaigns.  Colorado’s families stand to win big this November.