Chalkbeat recently summarized a major hurdle low income Colorado kids faced when trying to opt into a better school district:

A superintendent of a small district is worried about his budget and not student achievement called it the ‘David and Goliath” of school choice. He said it as a negative. If you’re a smaller district, closer to your kids–don’t you have the ability to be much closer to the families and students you serve?

Seemingly, the smaller the school district, the better personal touch your entire staff can have on knowing all of your customers personally. Ensuring they individual needs are met and that their neighborhood school is the best option available to them.

It would be exciting to see a school system that ensures the needs of their students are met so the families choose the school nearest their home. The need for regulating themselves into a geographic monopoly so their schools don’t need to focus on the kids, should never be their goal.

If a superintendent in a small enough community knows all the school leaders, teachers and families they serve, they truly are set up to be a David, who beat Goliath.