Earlier this month there were questions asked of Jared Polis and Walker Stapleton by Chalkbeat. The entire story is here: https://www.chalkbeat.org/posts/co/2018/07/10/colorado-2018-election-where-jared-polis-and-walker-stapleton-stand-on-education/

The most disturbing of the responses were Congressman Polis’ in regard to private school. When asked about his own children he says: “we chose a private school that we believe best meets the unique current needs of our older child”

When asked whether he supported all Colorado kids to have the same opportunity: “I do not support vouchers going to unaccountable private schools”

He has been clever with his use of the word “unaccountable” here meaning: do as I say, not as I do. In his words an “unaccountable” private school “best meets the unique current needs” of his oldest child, but he does not believe Colorado’s kids should have that same option.

To summarize, he only believes rich children should get to go to private school.