David beat Goliath, Just so you know…

Chalkbeat recently summarized a major hurdle low income Colorado kids faced when trying to opt into a better school district: https://chalkbeat.org/posts/co/2018/06/21/change-in-colorado-law-sets-up-a-david-and-goliath-school-choice-battle-no-one-saw-coming/ A superintendent of a small district is worried [...]

First Amendment 101 and a $2 Million Lie

The nation is awaiting a US Supreme Court decision better known as “Janus” on whether or not a union can force a public employee to pay union dues against [...]

2018 Colorado Legislative Session Report

Ready Colorado tracked over 50 education bills in the 2018 legislative session.  We helped pass student-centered policies and defeated attacks on school choice and accountability. Here are a few [...]

A Higher Bar For Special Education

Endrew F v DCSD, US District Court, Colorado The Family of Endrew F faced a tough decision regarding their son’s education. As a child on the autism spectrum and [...]

A Supreme Win For Kids

The first in a series of posts about special education and school choice after Endrew F. Endrew F v Douglas County School District When the US Supreme Court unanimously [...]

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