About Ready Colorado

We are Colorado conservatives dedicated to ensuring that every kid in Colorado receives the education they deserve.

Our Core Principles

The touchstone of our education system must be parent choice. No one system of schooling should have a monopoly over opportunity. Parents should have the ability to send their kids to the school that will help their children thrive, regardless of type—public, private, charter, traditional, magnet, virtual, or home school.

The education system needs to focus more attention on the needs of students and families; and less on the needs of the system itself. Learning loss due to closed schools has been profound and we need to prioritize helping all kids get back on track in reading, writing, and math.

Colorado’s education system should be accountable to parents and taxpayers.

Teachers, schools, and districts must be held accountable for student performance outcomes. Parents are the backbone of our education system, but our education system shuts their voices out in favor of the opinions of central office bureaucrats and teachers’ union bosses.

True parent choice requires meaningful, comparable information about school districts, schools, and teachers. In the absence of good information about teachers and schools, school choice is just a guessing game for parents. A fair and easy-to-understand school ratings system based on a statewide assessment is necessary for informed school choice.

Areas of Focus

Ready Colorado cultivates center-right leaders to support and defend bold education reform. Ready Colorado leverages its policy and political expertise around four key areas:


Identifying and supporting education champions


Building community support for key initiatives


Strategic communications


Educating policymakers on our education reform principles

Our Political Track Record

Ready Colorado has an unmatched political track record among center-right organizations in Colorado. Since its inception in 2015, Ready has been the leading force behind independent expenditure (IE) efforts that have gone 20-0 in legislative primaries in the last four election cycles, including a 10-0 sweep of competitive primaries in 2022.

In 2016, Ready helped lead the effort to elect Heidi Ganahl statewide as the CU Regent At-Large, with Ready-led IE efforts delivering a win for Ganahl by 2% despite Trump losing the state by over 5%. In 2018, Ready led the successful opposition to Amendment 73, a billion dollar, blank-check tax increase.